IoT Platform

All layers to deploy and manage your innovative IoT platform

The platform offers extensive billing capabilities which allow for easy and complete management of product, charges, bundles, accumulators and plans. With its modular design built around a powerful engine, the billing services include customer treatment, mediation, rating, charging, invoicing, payment and receivables management as well as financial and business intelligence.

These capabilities enable service providers to quickly and effortlessly launch new services, monetize new revenue streams and deliver improved customer experiences.

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Simfony’s IoT platform includes a, purposely build, full MVNO core network software stack, together with business and customer support facilities. It is designed to meet specific machine-to-machine communications needs with a focus on the low revenue per unit these types of connections bring.

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Simfony’s Online Charging System a carrier grade platform for the real-time management of mobile subscriptions wallets and allowances in a 3GPP network. It is also responsible for the quota monitoring features of the platform.

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Simfony’s AAA Server is a carrier grade, 3GPP compliant application used by the platform to provide security in the form of authentication and fraud prevention; IP and network access management to mobile M2M connections.

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A Realtime IoT Platform with AI, machine learning and predictive modelling capabilities to ensure that IoT connections and resources are used in the proper way.

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eSIMs are programmable remotely, with a dynamic character and therefore offers gobal deployment possibilities in a secure, seamless and easy way via one single eSIM.

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