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Realtime notifications

Notifications show users real time network events. These notifications appear everytime a SIM card goes online, offline or is authenticated.

Webhook configurations
You can manage these notification settings, or even decide to push notifications to your own systems, and turn notifications of in this platform.

Device management

Within manage devices users can see an overview of all devices.

Automatic device detection
Devices are detected automatically by the IMEI, but it’s also possible to add devices manually and create groups for devices. Users can search for specific devices and groups. Click on the expand button to find more Realtime information about a device

Device information
Within Overview users can find information about the device and network, such as IMEI, mobile operator, and status data connection

By clicking on Get Last Location the current location of the SIM card will appear based on Cell Tower ID.

Device credentials
Device Credentials are unique for each device, and are needed when you want to use the Secure APN feature which can be found under the configuration tab.


With voucher codes it’s possible to activate and auto-provision new SIM cards with all characteristics within the user account.

Profile settings

Within the “My Account” section users can manage settings, such as shipment address and password reset


Here users can also find an overview of invoices, download them in pdf, and pay for them via a payment method of choice.

Secure APN

When APN Security is enabled the SIM card can only be used in devices which have the unique device credentials filled in.

In the Configuration tab users can enable or disable SMS and Data.

Roaming steering
The platform also provides country steering. The SIM card will not work in excluded countries or will only work in the included countries.

Realtime usage
Within the Usage tab users can find Realtime information about the price plan, usage and charges of the current month.

Data usage control makes it possible to set one-off or monthly usage notifications and limits.

Bulk provisioning

The system is designed to manage devices and SIMs in bulk. So the data usage control and many other features can be provisioned to multiple SIMs or at group level at once.

Group management
Groups will allow users to manage devices jointly. Select a group, click on Actions, and chose Reconfigure device and resources. Here you will find all sorts of settings that can managed for multiple SIMs at the same time.

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