Business support layer

The Business support layer enables customers to handle core M2M activities

Business support layer

Provides a rich user interface and the appropriate processes to enable partners to handle core M2M activities.

Business support layer features

  • Self-ordering and order fulfilment
  • Self-provisioning and assets management
  • Tariff catalog and business offers configuration
  • Trouble ticket management
  • Customer data management
  • Devices life cycle management
  • Revenue assurance and fraud management
  • Online viewing and analysis of usage data

These processes can be easily integrated into a larger’s enterprise environment through two-way APIs designed following standardised and widely used data models and interfaces promoted by the TM Forum.

Deployment and integration options for the Business support layer are tailored for an operator’s need which means hybrid models are available where one can choose to use its own enablers for specific activities (e.g. rating, bill formatting) while the built-in capabilities are used for M2M specific processes.
The platform complies with the majority of regional regulations covering data retention, customer data protection and security enforcement.