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IoT applications development layer

Framework for all stages of IoT project development

IoT applications development layer

Users can choose what to use the development layer for, be it prototyping, design, test or running a production environment. Bespoke IoT applications can be built without writing a single line of code.


Is a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things which implements a graphical process designer through an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. It facilitates the creation of new services by leveraging Node-RED‘s growing community and Simfony’s network, data and analytics assets. All within our IoT applications development layer

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Node RED the visual wiring tool

Device management features

Are available in order for users to scale their applications easily. Each device and group of devices provide configurable meta-data and security credentials which allow flexibility in the applications design.

The application designer

Options include service management for data, messaging and voice, PDP authentication and authorisation, device-based locking, IP routing, firewalling, tunnelling and operational service areas definition for connection steering.


Ensures the application logic is always accessible and can be reverted to any of its previous iterations in a matter of seconds. Multiple environments also allow for proper testing without affecting any production deployments.

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