Business portal

Advanced self care functionality through web interface 

Business portal features

Network presence services

Our business portal provides real-time information regarding the asset’s network status and the ongoing PDP data session. For both LoRaWAN and cellular connections, messages are instantly presented in the dashboard and pushed through the notification’s API.

Usage, charging and billing information

The business portal is always available for individual assets, as well as aggregated information for the entire device fleet. This information can be used to trigger usage alerts or to affect the connection status in real-time.

Location based services

Allow users to query and instantly receive the geographic location of any of their wireless devices connected to the mobile network. As positioning is performed on the network, no other hardware add-ons are required.

Rich configuration in the business portal

Options include service management for data, messaging and voice, PDP authentication and authorisation, device-based locking, IP routing, firewalling, tunnelling and operational service areas definition for connection steering.

LoRaWAN management

Handles radio profiles, security and authentication for both OTA and ABP, connection statistics and application routing.

Automatic Device Detection

Based on the IMEI provides detailed information about the hardware equipment used, such as device name, manufacturer and radio bands available.

Business Portal

Provide your customers with self-care functionality
  1. Full White-label Solution
  2. APIs enable enterprises to integrate functionality into their own systems
  3. Enterprises can directly manage, supervise and
    troubleshoot SIM deployments