Patterns of things

AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling

Why Patterns of things?

In order to allow for the economies of scale needed to support the price point at which Internet of Things applications become ubiquitous we need to ensure that IoT connections and resources are used in the proper way.

Enhanced security

Detect unauthorised events from and to the
mobile connection. Firewall connections from unwanted traffic based on typ, geolocation or blacklists.

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Authentication and Authorisation
Service quality

Service quality

Proactively detect abnormal behaviour pointing to possible faults. Manage network quality parameters according to your SLAs.

Better planning

Combine realtime notifications with the APIs to orchestrate company specific processes. Predict costs and always be ready for the next roll-out phase.

Troubleshooting and optimisation

See data flows, devices, ports and protocols in order to fine tune applications. Distribute workloads to match company processes and procedures.