Network interface layer

Our Network interface layer offers flexibility and scalability for all connected assets

Discover our Network interface layer

Manages service fulfilment and interconnection for mobile services and it is built specifically for M2M use cases, offering the highest level of performance while ensuring the flexibility and scalability required for a remarkable number of connected assets.

Authentication and Authorisation

Is performed and enforced throughout the built-in network enablers, ensuring proper security from network access to service specific usage. Ongoing monitoring informs users about unauthorised attempts, providing prevention capabilities.

Authentication and Authorisation

Connectivity Quality Management

Is required for the majority of M2M services in order to ensure the high-end service levels required for “always on” applications.

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Realtime Usage Monitoring

Prevents bill shock and fraudulent usage attempts. By analysing behaviour patterns for all connected assets the platform minimises improper operation.

Provisioning Module

Implements catalog driven order management and provisioning, allowing for the decoupling of platform specific assets (Devices, Resources, Metadata) from technology specific assets (IMSIs, Authentication Keys, Network Resources).