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IoT connectivity

Global IoT connectivity with
multiple networks per country

Multiple networks in each country guarantee the best available coverage

We have connections with the largest global carriers and that’s how we connect consumers, organisations and things with the Internet in 192 countries on 728 networks.

Manage your IoT connectivity independently


IoT Connectivity partners

Are you an enterprise looking for global IoT connectivity?

We connect consumers, organisations and things with the Internet in 192 countries on 728 networks​.
We offer solutions with our brands Mondicon and CheerIoT:​

Need high volume data?

IoT connectivity Mondicon

We connect organisations, things and end users worldwide to the Internet, focusing specifically on companies with substantially varying needs for national and international mobile data.

All organisations that often operate in different locations or even move beyond borders can benefit greatly from our mobile data solution: one data bundle, one data credit and one point of contact for all your national and international mobile data activities. 

If you are looking for a back-up service or a temporary solution for your employees, you will not need to look any further.
With our brand Mondicon, we offer customized global mobile data solutions for companies in need for high volume global data. 

Need low volume data?

IoT connectivity Cheeriot

Our SIM cards are specifically designed for mission critical IoT solutions. To deliver a successful Internet of Things project a reliable and affordable connection is a must.

Our SIMs will work in most countries across the globe. Within every country, the SIMs are able to connect to multiple mobile networks. This way your devices don’t have to rely on a single mobile network.

Our Cloud Platform provides you with all tools to manage and monitor your mobile data SIM Cards and usage.

With our brand CheerIoT, we offer disruptive IoT connectivity.  CheerIoT SIM cards are specifically designed for IoT solutions, with the best global coverage.