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IoT Solutions

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Platform as a service

Searching for an IoT platform to your develop and manage your IoT projects?
Our IoT Platform as a Service offers MNO’s, MVNO’s and enterprises all the capabilities you need out-of-the-box. You can just pick and choose the needed modules that fits your IoT strategy, wether this will be an IoT applications development or network interface layer.

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MVNO as a service

Looking for ways to shift your business to an MVNO?
We have all the capabilities to let you become an MVNO yourself. Grow your IoT Business and manage your customer base, like a real M(V)NO. You can even go to market with own branding via our branded portal solution. We offer 3 types of services: Whitelabel MVNO, Light MVNO, Full MVNO.

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IoT Connectivity

We offer IoT Connectivity for Enterprises.
Companies that are having a lot of connected assets, don’t want to depend on a single network operator. Simfony lets you manage your own IoT connectivity independently, like you are in the drivers seat. With multiple networks in each country to guarantee the best available coverage. We have connections with the largest global carriers and that’s how we connect consumers, organisations and things with the Internet in 192 countries on 728 networks.

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Network Enablers

Simfony’s IoT platform for MNO’s includes a, purposely build, full MVNO core network software stack, together with business and customer support facilities. It is designed to meet specific machine-to-machine communications needs with a focus on the low revenue per unit these types of connections bring.

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IoT solutions

Besides our IoT solutions we offer a Go to Market Strategy

We’ll start with generating a proposition that will be used to create a Go to Market Strategy. Then it’s all about implementation

The strategy in short