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Our solution offers you the possibility to grow your business. We offer you the tools to own and manage your customer base so you can become a White label, Light or Full MVNO.

Customer Case: a Dutch based IoT Provider

A Dutch based mobile telecommunications provider with focus on IoT connectivity wanted to establish a web shop for automated ordering of IoT SIM cards along with a secure web portal for self-service capabilities and automated billing and provisioning. After a thorough RFP process in mid-2017, they decided to select the Simfony platform, because it was the best fit for all of its business requirements. In October 2017 they  launched after a successful implementation of the full branded platform and SIM cards.

High Level Business Requirements:

  • SIM resources lifecycle management
  • Webshop offers at least 5 Standard packages with standard discounts based on contract duration and volume.
  • Data bundles are shared as one overall group bundle (data pool), but only within the same subscription plan, bundles are only valid for 1 month (left over bundle doesn’t go into new month)
  • The system should be able to change this outside bundle MB tariff at any point, or tell the system there Is no outside bundle possible from that point.
  • Customer can create a private APN for the sim cards
  • Customer can provision a static IP for the sim cards via the portal

Order process:

The customers selects a subscription and places it in “shopping basket”. On checkout (after payment through several payment gateways), the web site will redirect to the customers portal in order to automatically create a new account, charge / save the credit card information and allocate the purchased sim cards. The system will allocate the sim cards automatically from the database with available resources. An email with the login details for the portal need to be sent to the customer.

Scope of Work

Simfony has provided a branded version of its IoT platform to the customer, configured in order to fulfill the stated business requirements and supported the analysis phase for product definition. Mobile data connectivity services based on Simfony’s roaming agreements were also in scope, allowing the customer access to more than 500 mobile carriers in 180 countries across the world.
Bespoke integrations were performed with the online shop as well as with the company’s ERP system. A particular requirement was to enablement of resellers on top of the platform with specific billing and revenue assurance processes.
The customer is using Simfony’s hosted cloud solution, simplifying maintenance and lowering operational costs. Support services are included in order to streamline sales processes and customer onboarding. Simfony also supports the company’s go to market strategy by constantly improving roaming rates and coverage with a focus on commonly decided areas.