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Simfony Jumbo Visma

Team Jumbo- Visma always online during Tour de France

Simfony, the global provider of IoT connectivity, provides fast, reliable, 4G internet connectivity for Team Jumbo-Visma’s team leaders car and team bus, as they compete in the Tour de France 2020. Simfony and Team Jumbo-Visma agreed to a sponsorship as of the cycling season 2020.

Merijn Zeeman, Sports Director at Team Jumbo-Visma: “Reliable internet connectivity is very important to us. As soon as the riders are out of the sight, we coach them via live broadcasts. In mountainous and remote areas, it is challenging to stay connected. The collaboration with Simfony greatly increases internet connectivity in these areas. It enables us to make decisions during the race, based on real-time information. Communication, from the riders to management and vice versa, is crucial for the execution of our strategy. A few seconds can make all the difference between winning and losing.”

Simfony’s solution ensures the team has an extremely reliable internet connection for races. The SIM cards can use multiple, local mobile networks at the same time. This unique solution will be used in a race by Team Jumbo-Visma for the first time during the Tour de France 2020.

Jurgen ter Hoeve, CCO at Simfony said:
“The sponsorship agreement with one of the largest cycling teams in the world, gives us a global platform to show what our solution can do for potential partners. We provide products and services exclusively through white label MVNO partners. Building and combining an individual global profile per SIM card is a standard feature of our online management portal.
Customer-specific profiles, combined with the hardware and knowledge of our partner Frontier, are the ingredients for the best performance on the road. The entire Simfony team is proud of the sponsorship agreement with Team Jumbo-Visma and the fact that we can contribute to the flagship of Dutch cycling.”

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