Simfony is now an iBASIS IoT Service. Read more here.
lorawan IoT Simfony

Is LoRaWAN Network an Efficient M2M Solution?

Implementing an efficient M2M communications project requires an excellent knowledge of both the customers’ needs and the technological mandatories of a successful IoT solution. When

Simfony acquired by Mondicon

Mondicon announces the acquisition of IoT PaaS Provider Simfony today Parties announce that the take-over has now been completed. All assets including all intellectual property

LoRaWAN IoT app

How to start building IoT apps using LoRa

Interest for IoT 4.0 applications and LoRa technology is growing at an impressive rate. Over 50 countries operate LoRaWAN-based networks today, delivering real-world ROI, according

m2m cellular connectivity

What is M2M Cellular Connectivity

Cellular or mobile technology has undergone major transformations since the introduction of 2G networks in the 1990s. Thanks to GPRS, 3G, LTE and more recently,