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IoT Platform as a service

Develop, build and manage your IoT applications

IoT platform as a service

The platform is composed of a collection of modules that perform, but are not limited to, the following functions: connectivity management, device management, data analytics & reporting and IoT applications creation and execution. The platform enables mobile operators, service providers and integrators to offer their enterprise customers a state-of-the-art tool for them to have complete visibility and control over their connected assets and applications.

Rapid time to market

The software’s architecture is optimized for operational and financial efficiency and is designed using latest concepts such as SDN and NFV, to ensure rapid time to market and elasticity for an unlimited number of connected IoT devices. This addresses challenges of operators in running an IoT business such as decreasing ARPU for connectivity, scalable and specific systems for M2M communication, rapid product and offer implementation and changes and the lack of predictability of an emerging technology. The platform’s capabilities are presented to users through either a modern web application with responsive design that’s focused on the best possible user experience when managing and interacting with connected devices or through HTTP REST JSON/XML APIs. Any and all future modifications or additions are part of the software product. The software product consists of original work, open source software and other commercially licensed software.

Customers can use the platform as is or in conjunction with other applications by means of integration. Multiple deployment options available in order to satisfy the needs and roadmap of each onboarded company.

Build or buy iot

Build or buy an IoT platform

Build or buy is one of the earliest decisions a company needs to make when venturing further into a new line of business. Keeping in mind that IoT projects have a high degree of complexity and that usually in-house expertise is rare and expensive, building an own platform could prolongs the project duration significantly and could take years just to mirror the basic functionalities of products with years of development invested.

Simfony takes pride in working together with customers and partners to define its features roadmap and proposes the best option on the market especially when taking into account deployment time and ownership and control of the system. At the same time, customers have access to improvements, innovations and new version as they would for a traditional COTS offering.


Continuous platform updates

The platform is continuously updated for functionality, efficiency and user experience purposes. There are two major and as much as eight minor releases per year informed by hundreds of enterprises operating it round the clock.

Fully brandable offering

Simfony’s white label offering is fully brandable with a customer’s corporate identity, localizable and compliant with data privacy and security regulations. It features multiple user access levels with configurable permissions for pages or for atomic features within pages and fully auditable logs.

It runs on commodity hardware platforms, including in virtualized environments and it easily scales both vertically and horizontally in accordance with business needs.

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