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AEC Skyline multiple carriers

Improved connectivity during international training sessions at AEC Skyline

AEC Skyline offers tactical data- and operational trainings services on land, sea and air, specialized in corporate and military agencies. The Dutch Ministry of Defence is one of the biggest customers of AEC Skyline. 
Patrick de Jong is Operations Manager at AEC Skyline. The development and adoption of new technologies, together with the integration of several network components are a few examples of his responsibilities in this role.  

Best global coverage with Simfony SIM cards 

To analyze the operational training sessions and improve their services, connectivity has become an increasingly important pillar for AEC Skyline. However, creating a stable internet connection has been a hassle in some area’s in the past years:  
Patrick de Jong: “During operational training sessions in Germany and Aruba, we were struggling with the signal strength. This caused delays in messaging and pushing live video streams. And we always need to have low latency in order to maximize our services, so that’s why I searched for a solution. 

A much more reliable and stable connection, because they use multiple network providers per country.

Patrick de Jong, Operations Manager at AEC Skyline

When I came in contact with Simfony, they presented their multi-vendor connectivity solution to me. We immediately tested this solution in our next trainings. The Simfony SIM cards that we now use in our professional routers, offer a much more reliable and stable connection. The SIMs use multiple network providers per country and are based on the latest eSIM/eUICC technology. Simfony maps our international training locations on their global coverage map and provides us with multi-vendor SIM cards, both with the best coverage and rates in mind. 

Low latency for faster and better informed decisions 

We used the Simfony solution for the first time during a training in Aruba where unmanned air vehicles are scanning the coast with camera’s. The footage that they record is being send to the coastguard in both The Netherlands and Aruba. These MX 15 devices process 8 Mbits per second, so a solid connection is very important in this case.   
By using Simfony’s connectivity, our SIM cards are not being pushed by the SIM card provider to 1 preferred network. Coverage and internet speeds have improved a lot since our cooperation, because Simfony delivers low latency and stable network for less delay in the video streaming. This low latency is very important for the operation and training sessions. This way, we can make faster and better informed decisions. 

Improved connectivity during international training sessions at AEC Skyline

Simfony portal makes my life easier 

Working together with a specialist like Simfony makes my life much easier. I don’t need to buy or use local SIM cards anymore. Before each training, I ask them for a proposal: Who has the best coverage in country or area X and what are the rates? 
With their global coverage, reliable service and great customer support, I can speak of a partner that really adds value to our services. Upon that, the Simfony portal where I can monitor our usage, quality of the network and see where our SIMs are, offers us realtime insight in our connectivity status. That is why Simfony is our preferred partner for low latency and stable connectivity all over the globe.”  

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