IoT PaaS provider Simfony opens branch in Italy

IoT Provider supports companies with a global and reliable IoT Connectivity Platform

Dutch IoT PaaS provider Simfony presents itself to the Italian market with the opening of the new Padua branch. This news follows just a few weeks after the announcement of the acquisition of Simfony Mobile by Dutch mobile data specialist Mondicon. The new Simfony organization supports companies with worldwide IoT connectivity needs. The Italian branch will be chaired as of today by Mattia Paoli as Managing Director Italy. The Italian branch of Simfony is pleased to support the development of innovative organizations and established companies that require M2M and IoT connectivity from a reliable and versatile partner, offering worldwide coverage in over 190 countries in multi-operator mode.

“I am very happy, – explains Mattia Paoli – to undertake this new challenge and follow the rapid development of Simfony in the IoT sector for Italian companies that have always proved innovative and in some cases brilliant solutions in the whole world. With a young and streamlined structure from an organizational and operational point of view, we will quickly respond to the needs of a dynamic sector. Simfony offers the highest quality IoT products and services. The cloud platform gives our customers full control of their experience in the IoT world.”

The company has also its own office in Bucharest, where the team of developers and consultants work, while the commercial and service activities are managed by the Dutch headquarters, which is situated close to Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). The Padua branch will serve the Italian market and the Southern Europe region. The organization also has an office in Santa Monica to follow new projects with American based enterprises. The company expects to further grow its worldwide footprint in the near future.

“To date in Italy” – continues dr. Paoli – “we focused on Fleet Management, Bike & Car Sharing, Payment Charging Stations, Payment Services, Smart Cities, Infrastructure Monitoring, Telemetry, Vending Machines, Smart Metering, Smart Home and Smart Agriculture and CRO projects in the pharmaceutical field. This great variety of applications has allowed us from the very beginning to be able to offer tailor-made products. This way, we can meet the precise needs of various B-to-B and B-to-C companies, both manufacturers of technological devices and services. To do this, we have invested and continue to invest in staff training, IT development, product definition and global project management.”

Simfony also enables mobile operators, MNO, MVNO, satellite service providers and application developers to offer comprehensive and efficient connectivity management services, enabling them to benefit from a constantly growing IoT market. The PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) product is ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) with a multilevel architecture and all the necessary tools to create, implement and manage autonomously innovative IoT projects and services, under their own brand, in multi-national, multi-level and multi-operator environments.

To present itself to the sector operators and enterprises in need of IoT connectivity, Simfony showcases its solutions at several events. This week, Simfony attends the European Utility Week in Vienna. Simfony will also have its own stand at the AfricaCom event in Cape Town on November 13th-15th 2018.

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